Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 X7 (32-Bit)

This software allows you to capture, edit and enhance video on your PC so you can create your own movies

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    X7 (32-Bit)

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    Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP

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Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 X7 (32-Bit)
Corel VideoStudio Pro X7 6.0

VideoStudio helps you make music videos, documentaries, or home movies with an added flare of quality and professionalism. Editing software gets cheaper every day, and sources of video footage are everywhere. This software has led the charge for budget solutions for video editing, and the newest version adds even more functionality that users will enjoy.

This software boasts some impressive features, and it includes a wide selection of tools, filters, templates, and video effects. It can work with HD media content, and the software has highly advanced capture tools. The main app in the suite, VideoStudio Editor, also comes with a Movie Wizard app and DV-to-DVD Wizard app.

Given the budget nature of the software, it has some fairly impressive features. The storyboard has been extended to help with organizing and viewing full scenes, and there's a built-in easy freeze frame function. The preview window has been blown up for more detailed previews, and the software includes a number of text and title templates. Each project can support multiple audio tracks so you can add music and a voiceover, and there's a level balancer to keep everything in order.

A built-in set of musical scores can be used to add instrumental music to your movies, and the software will automatically fit the music to the movie in question. If you have any experience with video editing software, VideoStudio shouldn't be too difficult to pick up.

You could easily learn how to fully control this software in order to produce content that looks professional and clean. However, the road might not be entirely smooth. Like all the older versions of VideoStudio, this version saps your system memory and can grind your PC to a halt. Only those with tremendous amounts of RAM or a sufficiently powerful graphics processor could handle the load this software can bring. Complicated edits are nearly impossible to preview, and there are frequent jumps in the video and audio.

When using the scene preview feature, you can't rewind or fast forward, which can inhibit your ability to make fast, efficient changes. The timeline has a zoom function, but it needs to be much more powerful. While the software can support HD content, it is not compatible with Blu-Ray content. Some users have said that customer support for the software might as well not exist. This can be a bit of an issue when you're having problems dealing with the software.

Even with the numerable flaws in VideoStudio, it is still a justifiable download. The features in the software are more than adequate to generate amazing content if the hardware is adequate, and the UI is actually pretty straightforward once you've grown accustomed to it. However, if you have a standard system, you might want to consider a budget editor that has more reliability.


  • Many Functions
  • Excellent Video Capture
  • Easy For Beginners


  • Subpar Tech Support
  • Crashes Often
  • Resource Heavy

Videostudio is a fully-functional video editing and creation platform that is on par with programs that are used by media professionals. Anyone who is looking for a comprehensive and powerful program that will handle projects both great and small will be delighted with this release. It includes everything from stop animation or motion tracking to a host of effects and the ability to fine-tune every single frame.

The Basics

Videostudio is a complex and powerful program that includes over 20 tracks to work with, seven special effects packs, 4K MP4 output and HD production capabilities. This is the latest upgrade in a long and trusted list of versions that still place Corel near the top when compared with the competition.

This program is massive, and the installation pack consists of a 1.2 gigabyte file that needs to be downloaded and installed. The good news is that this monstrous program comes with a free 30 day trial that is fully functional. Upgrading to the full version is a breeze, and there are ample tutorials and support articles available that cover everything from the basics to advanced editing techniques.

The user interface is clean and designed with simplicity in mind. The preview window is placed next to the control panel and above track streams. Menus are organized and easy to navigate, and anyone with a relatively decent computer will be able to interact with the software without too many lags and delays.

Video rendering is also faster than expected, and the average computer should be able to easily compile and process edited videos into a number of popular formats. There is little that this program cannot do, but it is important to know that it is not perfect.

It only supports around 20 tracks per project, and projects that require a lot of tracks can quickly drain available system resources. There are also issues with slow responses when contacting customer or technical support. The extensive tutorials and help files address a majority of common and not-so-common problems, but it may takes some time to navigate through the vast amount of information that is currently available.


This is a powerful and stable video editing program that will meet the needs of most of amateur and professional editors alike. A little bit of a learning curve is necessary to endure before being able to tap into all of the features that are included with this software as well. However, the bottom line is that anyone who wants a solid program for a bargain will probably be very happy with what this utility can offer.


Complete video editing suite

Easy to install

Excellent design and functionality

Does not drain system resources



Limitations on the amount of tracks that can be edited

Technical support can be slow

Using all tracks simultaneously can impact slower systems

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